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Journal of a Sex Change: Passage through Trinidad. Oxford:  Bloomsbury/Berg, 2004.  (This is an expanded edition of the original Passage through Trinidad with a new Introduction by Judith Halberstam.)

"Given the grim and bloody nature of Griggs' 'journal of a surgical sex change,' why do readers need to return to this book now?  First, sex-reassignment surgery needs to be recognized as a painful and difficult process rather than the quick fix that it appears to be in idealized accounts….  Griggs is a startlingly accurate and self-aware diarist and her bold and truthful narrative forces the reader to turn her gaze away from the supposed oddity of the transsexual form and towards the uncertainty of all gendered embodiments."  From the Foreword by Judith Halberstam.


"It is a rare blend of education and passion…."  Max E. Fuhrmann, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist.